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CD released by Dynamic Srl, via Mura Chiappe 39, 16136 Genova, Italy, email, website
Composer: Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello c1690 - 1758
CD title: Concerti et Sinphonie op 1 (1738)

CD reference CDS 291/1-2 bar code 8 007144 602918

Contents of CD1

Concerto I in F major 10m25s
track 1 Allegro 04m05s
track 2 Adagio 02m17s
track 3 Allegro assai 04m03s

Sinphonia I in D major 06m47s
track 4 Allegro 02m01s
track 5 Adagio 00m54s
track 6 Presto 03m52s

Concerto II in A minor 09m21s
track 7 Allegro 03m25s
track 8 Adagio ed a tempo gusto 02m26s
track 9 Allegro 03m30s

Sinphonia II in G major 05m48s
track 10 Allegro 02m37s
track 11 Adagio 00m50s
track 12 Presto 02m21s

Concerto III in B flat major 09m57s
track 13 Allegro 04m03s
track 14 Adagio e cantabile 02m13s
track 15 Allegro 03m41s

Sinphonia III in C major 08m02s
track 16 Allegro 02m48s
track 17 Largo 03m09s
track 18 Allegro 02m05s

See at foot of this list for total playing time of CD1

Contents of CD2

Concerto IV in E minor 8m19s
track 1 Allegro 03m04s
track 2 Adagio 02m21s
track 3 Allegro 02m54s

Sinphonia IV in B flat major 05m53s
track 4 Allegro 01m53s
track 5 Adagio 01m26s
track 6 Allegro 02m34s

Concerto V in C minor 08m16s
track 7 Allegro 02m40s
track 8 Largo 02m18s
track 9 Allegro 03m18s

Sinphonia V in F major 08m13s
track 10 Allegro 02m37s
track 11 Adagio 02m31s
track 12 Presto 03m05s

Concerto VI in A major 09m15s
track 13 Allegro 03m08s
track 14 Adagio 01m46s
track 15 Allegro 04m21s

Sinphonia VI in E flat major 08m27s
track 16 Allegro 02m04s
track 17 Adagioo 02m50s
track 18 Allegro assai 03m33s

See at foot of this list for total playing time of CD2

Played by: Banchetto Musicale
(On original instruments)
List of players, together with details of their instruments, follows
This is the first recording of these works

Maria Paola Cavallini first violin
(Thommaso Carcassi 1745)

Laura Mirri violin (CD1)
(Obizi Verona 1713)

Yayoi Masuda violin (CD2)
(NicholÚ Gusetto 1785)

Silvia Colli second violin (CD1)
(Tyrolean anonymous 19th century)

Paola Nervi second violin (CD2)
(Giuseppi Cerrutti 19th century)

Maurizio Barzone viola
(Felice Tissoi 19th century)

Andrea Fossŗ cello
(Italian anonymous 18th century)

Francisco Josť Montero violone
(Italian anonymous Bologna 18th century)

Carlo Andrea Giorgetti chitarrone
(P Goldschmidt 1992 after M Tieffenbrucher 17th century)

Daniele Boccaccio harpsichord (CD1)
(F Gazzola 1996 after Italian anonymous 17th century)

Andrea Perugi harpsichord (CD2)
(F Barucchieri Firenze 1983 after Italian anonymous 16th century)

Recorded at Pieve di S Giovanni Battista/Pieve di Compito (Lucca) Italy June 1998 and May 1999

Recording: Silvano Landonio/Editing: Alberto Cutolo/Producer: Danilo Prefumo

Total playing time CD1 50m29s CD2 48m30s

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